December 5, 2023

Four federal members traveling at the same time – what happens in a crisis?

All were airlifted

Four federal members traveling at the same time – what happens in a crisis?

On Thursday, four members of the Federal Council will be on business trips. What happens if a crisis breaks out? Is it legal for the majority of the government to be outside the country? We provide the answers.


After the weekly meeting of the Federal Council on Wednesday, the state government scattered in all directions.

Federal Chancellery

  • Four out of seven members of the Federal Council take business trips on Thursday and Friday.

  • What if a crisis broke out in Switzerland at the same time? The Federal Council spokesman explains.

Federal advisors are In the mood for travel this week. Federal Chancellor Elizabeth Baum Schneider She is in Greece to speak to the asylum minister there about the influx of refugees into Europe, and is traveling on a Federal Council plane. Minister of Energy Albert Rusti He is scheduled to be in London on Thursday to attend a conference on artificial intelligence, and on Friday in Paris for discussions on energy policy, and will also travel on a Federal Air Force plane.

From Friday to Sunday, he also serves as Minister of Foreign Affairs Ignazio Cassis in Ghana On a working visit to the President and to Cameroon to attend the Francophonie Conference, he travels on a Federal Council plane. last but not least Federal President Alain Berset On Thursday and Friday in Canada, where he wants to sign a cooperation agreement in the field of film production and meet with the Canadian Prime Minister. Bersih is the only one traveling on a scheduled flight.

Only Viola Amherd, Karen Keller Sutter and Guy Parmelin have no travel plans this week.

What happens in the event of a crisis?

The fact that several members of the Federal Council are traveling at the same time is not insignificant. What if a crisis breaks out in Switzerland? What if there is a need to call an urgent meeting of the Federal Council? Federal Council spokesman Andrzej Simonazzi confirms: “In the event of a national crisis, the Federal Council is equipped to meet at any time and make decisions.” The Vice Chancellor assures us that this will be done in accordance with the necessary safety standards.

Simonazzi says that it happens from time to time that some members of the federal councils – and even the majority of members of the government at the same time – are abroad at the same time. Travel planning and external government communications are regular topics at Federal Council meetings.

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