April 22, 2024

A car with the body of a missing taxi driver was recovered from the Rhine

A car with the body of a missing taxi driver was recovered from the Rhine

On Wednesday, a car with a dead body was recovered from the Rhine in Bad Säckingen. Firefighters had encountered the vehicle before during a sonar test. The car was taken ashore with divers from the water police, the Waldshut-Tiengen Prosecutor and Freiburg police headquarters wrote in a letter Wednesday.

The man has been missing since 2013

Inside was a corpse of a man. Meanwhile, the person was identified using complex procedures. He is a man who was born in 1962 and last lived in Bad Sakengen. He was a taxi driver and disappeared without a trace on May 17, 2013 by taxi. Investigations in 2013 did not lead to any clues as to the motive behind his disappearance, nor to the possible locations.

Technical measures, such as Arabization, were not possible at the time because the disappeared person did not have his mobile phone and the car did not have the necessary technical equipment. Both the person and the taxi were extinguished for inspection. There have been no signs of the man’s life since his disappearance.

The autopsy was done. The time of death and the length of time spent lying in the Rhine could not be determined. Neither the forensic examinations nor the investigations under way to date have revealed any indications of accident or outside interference. The investigation is still ongoing, the letter continues.