April 23, 2024

Russian soldiers 'disappointed', say Ukrainians +++ Russia's no-fly zone extended

Russian soldiers ‘disappointed’, say Ukrainians +++ Russia’s no-fly zone extended

Ukraine has a large pool of individuals who are familiar with drones. Many now want to make their equipment and knowledge available to defend their country.

In better times, Ukrainian drone enthusiasts would soar through the skies photographing weddings, fertilizing soybean fields, or competing against other drones for fun. Now some are risking their lives by forming a volunteer drone force. They want to help their country to fend off the Russian invasion.

“Kyiv needs you and your drone in this moment of anger,” the Ukrainian military said in a Facebook post late last week, calling on citizens to donate the drones and volunteer as experienced pilots to operate the drones for their delivery. Taras Troyak, who runs a drone shop in the capital, said he has made full stock of about 300 drones available. Others are working to get more drones across the border from friends and colleagues in Poland and other European countries.

Ukrainian civilians support the army with drones. (Icon picture)

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