May 24, 2024

Pistorius recommends that Canada cooperate in the Arctic

Defense Minister Pistorius with his Canadian counterpart Blair in Ottawa. (Britta Pedersen / dba / Britta Pedersen)

The background for the potential partnership between the three NATO countries, Germany, Canada and Norway, is the efforts of Russia and China to expand their positions in the Arctic region. And as the ice in the Arctic Ocean continues to melt, more ships are expected to sail in the future. Blair said the Canadian mainland would also be more difficult to secure.
The Canadian government adopted new defense policy guidelines in April. NATO states that its most urgent task is to ensure the protection of its own sovereignty in the Arctic North, where Russia maintains a strong military presence in all states. The considerations are based on the assumption that if there is a military conflict with Russia in Europe, there will also be conflict in the strategically important Arctic.

Canada also wants to invest more in defence

Climate change and the challenges posed by autocracies such as China are also security policy challenges for which responses are being prepared. Canada wants to acquire additional intelligence capabilities and be better equipped on land and at sea. More recently, the country – like other Western nations – has failed to meet its own target of 71,500 soldiers in the armed forces. This should be responded to with new recruitment efforts and incentives. Within five years, the equivalent of an additional 5.5 billion euros should be spent on armaments, and an additional 50 billion euros over 20 years.

Visit USA too

Pistorius had come from Washington, where he had promised earlier in the day that Germany was ready to play a leading role in defense policy in Europe and would provide the military capabilities to do so. “We – together with the United States and Germany – will shape the future together with all who stand for freedom, peace and a rules-based international order,” he said in a keynote speech at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. He had earlier spoken with US Defense Secretary Austin at the Pentagon.

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