December 5, 2023

Former FPÖ leader Strache regrets his resignation

Former FPÖ leader Strache regrets his resignation

The former leader of the Austrian FPÖ, Heinz-Christian Strache, has now regretted his resignation in 2019. In a TV interview, he described a conversation with the alleged oligarch’s niece as “the biggest mistake”.

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Heinz Christian Strache:

Heinz Christian Strache: “I couldn’t see myself.” Photo: cornerstone

In an interview with Austrian radio Polis24, former FPÖ chief Heinz Christian Strache showed little remorse. In a 2019 video, he said he had “never said anything dishonest”. In these recordings, which were secretly filmed in Ibiza, Strach spoke to a woman in 2017 about donations to clubs and the impact on the media in the Alpine Republic. She had presented herself as the niece of an influential Russian businessman. He didn’t know it was a snare. The video was posted two years later. Heinz Christian Strache resigned, and the alliance in Vienna disintegrated.

“Perhaps my biggest mistake was to resign,” the former vice chancellor said on TV now. At that time, he repeatedly indicated to his interlocutors the need to observe laws. It was not pleasant to watch the overtones. “I couldn’t see myself. It was a terrible picture.”

The publication was followed by investigations with several politicians, including those from the conservative ÖVP party. Strach himself was convicted of bribery in another case, but the verdict is not yet final. In June, he has to answer to the court again.

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