October 3, 2023

Five suspected Russian spies have been arrested

ZTwo women and three men have been arrested in Britain on suspicion of spying for Russia. London’s Metropolitan Police told the AFP news agency on Tuesday that the five suspects accused of breaching British laws protecting state secrets and national security had already been arrested in early February.

According to the British broadcaster BBC, all five are suspected of spying for Russia. According to the police, the investigation is ongoing. The five suspects, aged between 29 and 45, will appear in court again next September.

According to police, the suspects include three Bulgarian nationals who were arrested for possessing fake identity documents. The other two were released on probation.

The BBC previously reported that three suspected Russian spies had been arrested. Two men and a woman have been in custody since February, public broadcasting said on Tuesday. They are said to be working for the Russian secret service. They are accused of possessing identity documents with “unreasonable intent”. Accordingly, the three have managed to obtain passports, identity cards and other documents from several countries, including Great Britain, Italy and France.

The suspects have lived and worked in the UK for several years – a man and woman in north-west London and the other man, who has business links in Russia, in Great Yarmouth on England’s east coast. The trial of the suspected spies is scheduled to begin in January 2024, the BBC reported.

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