March 3, 2024

Falstaff International Premiere - Falstaff

Falstaff International Premiere – Falstaff

Falstaff International now delivers trend-setting content to the international enjoyment community. As of October, Falstaff International will appear in a print edition of 100,000 copies. It has become the global gateway to wine, cuisine and travel.

With a circulation of around 142,000 copies, Falstaff is already the largest culinary lifestyle magazine in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now the publisher continues Wolfgang M. Rosam To the international victory march. Within five years, he wished to multiply the Falstaff community fivefold from two million to ten million people worldwide. The first edition of Falstaff International appeared as a digital publication. As early as October 2021, the first print edition in English with a circulation of 100,000 copies will be available not only in kiosks in 41 countries, but also in the world’s best star restaurants, in major wineries and hotels as well as airport lounges.

The enjoyment community can also expect an electronic print edition of the International Culinary Lifestyle Journal. In the future, four print and electronic paper copies will appear annually with a print number of 100,000 copies each. It was launched in June in English. It is expanding to become an international portal for wine, food and travel and informs its community with a weekly newsletter.

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The actors

The editor-in-chief is responsible for the content ANNE KRIBIEL (Master of Wine) in London. It expands the circle of longtime Falstaff editors and wine connoisseurs Martin Kubis And the Peter Moser (Austria), Philip Elsbrock And the Ulrich Sutter (Germany), Otmar Kim (Italy) as well Dominic Foumbach And the Benjamin Duke (Switzerland), which has already made Falstaff a famous authority in the respective countries.

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An appetite for a culinary lifestyle

“Falstaff International is my biggest media project for well-traveled, fun, educated and wealthy readers. Good food and excellent wine connect people on all continents. Months after the pandemic, the desire to lead a culinary lifestyle is greater than ever. Now is exactly the time to think outside the box with Falstaff International and give the global fun world a new platform. “
Publisher Wolfgang Rosam

The world’s leading publication

» Falstaff International is dedicated to the joyful trinity of wine, food and travel. This focus appears in engaging reports, in-depth interviews, and well-founded reports and articles. True and relevant stories from international experts make Falstaff International the leading global publication.”
Editor-in-chief Anne Krippel

wine binds

» Respected Falstaff Wine Ratings based on a 100-point scale is a special service for readers that expands their horizons, provides guidance and connects the wine world. Falstaff International has become the main platform for wine on all continents.”
General Manager Jana Bickert

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First digital edition

The first edition of the Falstaff International contains 198 pages of reports on Tuscany – home of classics such as Tignanello, Sassicaia, Flaccianello, Cepparello or Pergole Torte – and Bordeaux, Ribera del Duero, and California. Among other things, it comes in guest columns Angelo Gaga, the fourth generation to run the homonymous winery in Piedmont, or supreme sommelier Aldo Som (Aldo Sohm Wine Bar at Le Bernardin) from New York City.

Wine expert Krebiehl handles the best Rieslings from Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and Austria as well as the Grüner Veltliner. The first international edition visits the best wineries in California and evaluates the drops of stars who have become like winemakers Gordon RamsayAnd the Brad Pitt And the Angelina JolieAnd the John Malkovich And the The scorpion Such as Kylie Minogue.

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BBenjamin Herzog Tracks new trends in single malt Scotch whiskey while Otmar Kim And the Simon Staffler Taste your way through Italian Prosecco specialties and the best Tuscany wines. The big picture is the legend of the kitchen Alain Ducasse Customized by the hotel “Hotel de France” with 20 Michelin stars. Falstaff International also offers delicious recipes for everything related to lobster, oysters, octopus & co and delves into the topic of beef. A report on the French Riviera and the Kenyan Masai Mara sparked a desire to travel.

The first digital edition of Falstaff International can be obtained online for seven euros.


Excerpt from the first digital show العرض

Excerpt from the first digital show العرض

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