Bronze medalist in showjumping: an Olympic medal again for 44 years

The Belgians were looking to do well in the team riding after the individual finals which were all disappointing. Pieter Devos on Claire Z started off well with just 4 penalty points.

Jerome Gehry started second on Quel Homme De Hus. He made an excellent course with his horse. Guery jumped flawlessly and after two sets Belgium finished fourth, with as many penalties as the US and Sweden, but with a slower time.

Unfortunately, the team’s third man, Gregory Wathelet, received 8 penalty points on Nevados’ back. This seemed to ruin the Belgian team’s medal hopes.

Certainly also because the US and Sweden stayed with 4 penalty points after that. France, with only two penalty points after two sets, looked on its way to the gold medal. But everything went wrong with Penelope Librevost and her Vancouver de Lanlor. The horse refused twice and was therefore expelled. Drama for France but cheering in a Belgian hostel. Despite 12 penalty points, the Belgian showjumping team won a bronze and an Olympic medal for the first time in 44 years.

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