June 17, 2024

Everything is on board!  Adds Dungeon Master Mode - Last 48 Hours Kickstarter Support has started

Everything is on board! Adds Dungeon Master Mode – Last 48 Hours Kickstarter Support has started

Hello, hope you have a nice day. We have last minute news too Everything is on board!a VR platform where players can create, share and play board games with friends – developed by Blasphemous studio game kitchen. while the Kickstarter campaign in the last 48 hoursThe studio confirmed new features thanks to community support.

studio recently.Dungeon Master “confirmeda mode that adds everything players need to host role-playing sessions with friends, as well as Stream On, a tool that allows players to set up and control the location of the camera so they can broadcast sessions live.

Following community feedback, The Game Kitchen has also announced Flat Screen Guest Mode, an app for flat screen devices. Which allows friends who don’t own a VR device to join your gaming sessions absolutely for free.

Plus, it’s all on board! Announced 12 licensed games that will be available at launch, including VR versions of Edmund McMillen Isaac’s Obligation: Four Lives And the hunger From Magic: The GatheringCreator Richard GarfieldSuch as Black Rose Wars, Rallyman GT, Sword & Sorcery, Infinity Defiance, Istanbul, Escape The Dark Castle, SteamWatchers, Hamlet, Wild Assent And the rags

Players can do that Support project from $20, allowing access to the platform, exclusive accessories, and a booster role on the official Discord. For $40, players get Tugang zum Backerpass Basic, a category that includes three licensed board games of their choice. After the Early Bird Tier is fully sold, Kickstarter campaign backers can purchase as a Complete Tier, Which gives you access to 12 games for $90 plus three more copies of All On Board! to their friends.

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The development team sees a release in 2023 on Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR Before. There will be an exclusive beta for supporters for the festive season.

Around Everything is on board! Available on the official websiteplus more updates about discordAnd the TwitterAnd the FacebookAnd the Instagram. Information about The Game Kitchen can be found at Official Website or on Twitter.

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