June 21, 2024

Spotify: A new home screen that separates podcasts and music

Spotify: A new home screen that separates podcasts and music

At first glance, the new home screen that Spotify is slowly rolling out to users this week doesn’t look very different. However, Spotify promises significantly improved recommendations – by splitting the view more clearly. Music and podcasts no longer share the same page, but will appear in different feeds in the future.

Spotify: Music and podcasts are now equal

spotify It has recently centered itself more and more in the podcast area. In the strategy can apparently also The controversy surrounding the Joe Rogan podcast or The Obama Family Moves to Audible not shaken; Spotify now gives the category its own place on the homepage of the app. At the top, you can switch between Music and Podcasts & Shows, which arguably acts more like a filter than two separate homepages.

You will now see “Music” and “Podcasts & Shows” at the top of the site. | Photo: Spotify

You can switch between views with just one click. In the music feed you will find recommendations based on your taste in music. As usual, Spotify also displays album and playlist recommendations as well as buttons that make it easy to share, like, and play music right away.

On the other hand, in the podcast feed, you can find the latest episodes of your favorite shows, and of course personalized recommendations. Here, too, there are live interaction options: you can read episode descriptions, save them under “Your Episodes” or start a podcast without leaving the page.

More perspective on Spotify home screen

So Spotify brings more order to chaos. The home screen has hardly changed in recent years. Viewing podcasts amid music titles and albums hasn’t always made browsing podcasts easy. The new look of presentation promises to bring Spotify closer to the standalone podcast format. For customers who use the music rather than the podcast side of Spotify – or vice versa – it should also be useful to hide unwanted content.

The update will reach Android users this week. Coming later on iOS. Spotify calls in his message But there is no specific date.

Have you received the update yet? What do first impressions say? Tell us in the comments!

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