February 25, 2024

Elections in the United Kingdom: Merkel insists on adhering to the Brexit schedule

Advisor Angela Merkel The CDU wants to quickly begin negotiations on Great Britain's exit from the European Union despite Prime Minister Theresa May's electoral debacle. The Chancellor said during a press conference: “We want to negotiate quickly, we want to negotiate within the time frame. For this reason, I believe that there is currently nothing preventing negotiations – as decided and agreed upon – from the beginning.” State visit to Mexico. This certainly applies to the remaining 27 EU countries and the EU institutions. “For our part, we are ready to negotiate and are prepared.”

also maybe She had previously confirmed that she wanted to stick to the schedule. It is agreed that negotiations will begin on June 19.

However, May must first form a new government. Your conservative party lost its absolute majority in Thursday's parliamentary elections, but it remains the strongest force. She now wants to form a coalition with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). May was in fact hoping that the early election would win votes and provide momentum for the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

The Prime Minister wants to hold talks with the DUP at the weekend and has already begun forming her government: she has promised several key figures that they will keep their posts. Treasurer Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, and Cabinet Minister David Davis, who represented Great Britain, left. Britain's exit from the European Union He was negotiated into office.

The counting of votes in the last district of Kensington in London continued until late Friday evening because assistants took a break after counting with a very close result. The Conservatives won there in 2015, but this time a Labor politician won the race by just 20 votes. The Conservatives now have 318 seats, 13 fewer than after the previous election two years ago. The Labor Party obtained 262 votes.

May received international support after the election: US President Donald Trump called her, according to the White House, and told her that he looked forward to working together in the coming years. He also said that it was between the United States and Great Britain There is a “special relationship.” May was the first foreign head of government to visit Trump in the White House after his election.