March 2, 2024

Events and Shows – “Job Exchange”: Waiting in the USA – Entertainment

Events and Shows – “Job Exchange”: Waiting in the USA – Entertainment – SRF

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Through a “job exchange,” the Swiss exchange their jobs with colleagues from another country. In the second episode, waitresses Monica Hintermann and Bianca DiGiacomi travel from St. Moritz to Florida – sea instead of mountains, fast food instead of fine dining, and one thing in common: plenty of warmth on both sides.

Fast food is served at Diner by the Sea in Florida, USA, but guests like to take it easy. In the off-season, Billy Sand Restaurant is primarily a meeting place for many of Fort Lauderdale's retirees. At first, Monica Hintermann and Bianca DiGiacomi have a hard time dealing with the countless orders and types of burgers, toast and eggs. These two friendly waitresses from St. Moritz find it easy to win the hearts of their regular guests.

Fine dining at approximately 2,500 meters above sea level. M.

Reto Mathis, President of Mathis Food Affairs at St. Moritz GR, gourmet cuisine with views of the Alps. Although American waitresses Nancy Piszarzewski and Arlene Miller are more than 30 years older than the Swiss candidates, they are able to meet the high standards of their boss. With plenty of humor, charm, and even more warmth, “The Two Golden Girls” successfully swap jobs.

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SRF 1 broadcasts the third season of the program “Job Exchange”. In each of the six programmes, the Swiss exchange jobs with foreign colleagues who work in the same profession. Heroes on both sides face entirely new challenges. The job is the same, the circumstances are completely different. Immerse yourself in a new, unknown world – every Friday at 9pm on SRF 1.

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