Double German victory at Soers

(Mr). Daniel Deuser fulfilled his big dream, and Isabelle Wirth was back on the podium after eventful weeks: the two top riding stars included a double win for Germany at the CHIO final at Achner Sours. Deusser’s famous Killer Queen won the $1 Million Show Jumping Grand Prix.

Wirth won a dressage race for the 14th time with her new leading horse, Qantaz.

“Now that’s actually true,” Deußer said, “I’m still a little speechless.” The sheer will was there, the horse is in good shape, but “When you first get into the jump, you never know what you have to do.” In the end, he was lucky: “It was a long time waiting for everyone to pass.” After two net runs, a total of seven riders made it to the vault, including Olympic high-stakes champion Ben Maher (Great Britain) with Explosion, perhaps currently the best vaulting horse in the world. But he, too, made a drop and got out of the fight for big money. With the exception of Deußer, 20-year-old American rider Brian Mogrey with Balou du Reventon and Belgian Gregory Wathelet with Nevados failed to vault. Deuser received €330,000 for his victory and rehabilitated himself for a somewhat disappointing performance at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Isabel Wirth also had changing times when she got into the ring in the dynamic Qantas on Sunday morning. Defeats against Jessica von Prideaux Werndel at the Olympics and European Championships did not leave Wirth completely unscathed. So she was much happier after 88.335 percentage points in the freestyle: “I was hoping that Qantas would show his potential today, and he did.” In fact, the stallion showed what he was capable of. Wirth’s idea was a sign of competition – not least in the camp itself. The duel between Werth and Jessica von Bredow-Werndl takes dressage to a new level.

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The German national team, under the guidance of national coach Monica Theodorescu, also won the Nations Cup in Aachen. Wirth with Quantas, von Bredow-Werndl with Ferdinand, Frederick and Andres (Hagen aTW) with Duke of Britain and debutante Karina Schultz (Sassenheim) with Tarantino, Holland and Great Britain relegated to their place.

Isabell Werth sets Quantaz standards at the CHIO in Aachen.

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