December 8, 2023

FCSG in the Chênois . Cup

FCSG in the Chênois . Cup

clear victory

Schubert shoots four times: FC St. Gallen makes its way to the next round of the Cup with a 7-2 victory at Chinois.

A week ago, FC St. Gallen fell under the wheels of Servette in the championship. Now the inhabitants of eastern Switzerland called their bodies a foil in about the same place in the Chinois Cup.

FC St.Gallen 7, Chênois 2: This looks like after a show of force by the Eastern Swiss at the first division club. In fact, there was not the slightest doubt about the outcome of this portion of the cup. Perhaps apart from the first few minutes of the match, St. Gallen’s defense was somewhat shaky and Chinoa came under one serious attack or another.

Furfold Schubert and the wrath of Zeidler

Favorite Fabian Schubert took the lead after eight minutes too fast for the lower class to have any real hopes of making a big splash. Fabian Schubert himself scored three more times between the 29th and 45th minutes, so St Gallers could enter the second half with a 4-0 lead. After the fifth goal by Basil Stillhart, the aspen significantly recovered. Very clear: Chênois scored two goals in the space of a few minutes and almost scored for the third time, drawing the ire of Espen coach Peter Zeidler on the sidelines.

Now comes Basel

As a result, Euclid Cabral and Alessio Pesio made sure that recent impressions – which, we know, are that stick – are positive. St. Gallen have already suffered many embarrassing things in the cup. Today, the Swiss from eastern Switzerland qualified safely for the second round of the Cup. In the knockout competition, they returned to the path of success. It remains to be seen if they will also succeed in the tournament. Basel comes to Kebonpark on Wednesday.

After the match, coach Peter Zeidler spoke of a focused performance by FC St. Gallen: “The early goals helped.” Regarding the two goals received, the coach said that successful football begins with a good defensive mentality. In general, the German was satisfied with his team’s reaction to 1:5 at Servette.

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