September 29, 2023

Does Barbie have what it takes to be the highest-grossing movie of all time?

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Updated on 08/17/2023 at 19:05

Almost a week hasn’t gone by since the theatrical release without a new “Barbie” recording being reported. Beyond the hype and does Greta Gerwig’s movie have what it takes to be on par with “Avatar” and “Titanic”?

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It seems that the whole world is suffering from pink “Barbie” fever: almost every week since its cinema release, there have been new reports that the film is being directed by a woman Greta Gerwig Broke a new record. Is the movie really successful? And what will happen until it actually breaks major records and becomes the most successful movie of all time at the box office?

The hype around “Barbie” with Margot Robbie Huge tournament. There is no denying that the movie was very successful and the road to success may not be over yet. But will that be enough to put it on par with the “Avatar” or “Titanic” movies? These are the previous “Barbie” landmarks:

A quick look at previous Barbie recordings

Latest hit: The now-popular puppet story has overtaken superhero epic “The Dark Knight” as the most successful Warner Bros. film at the US box office. “Barbie” broke many records from the very beginning: “Barbie” made Greta Gerwig the most successful female director of all time at the US box office.

The film grossed 155 million US dollars (about 140 million euros) in its first weekend in the United States of America. Never in the history of Hollywood has a film directed by a woman achieved more early sales at the US box office than Barbie.

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Moreover, it was the best start for a movie based on a game (previously “Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon” at around $116 million) and the strongest three days for an unfinished Warner movie that is from the DC Universe or is it a sequel.

Does Barbie have what it takes to be the highest-grossing movie of all time?

Right now, it seems Barbie can’t be stopped. But if you take a sober look at the official list of the most successful films of all time, you’ll quickly realize that it probably wasn’t going to be enough in the first place. on the site “Box Office Mojo from IMDbPro” Lists the films that have made the most money at the box office worldwide by box office results. “Barbie” currently ranks 25th in this ranking with around $1.2 billion USD — less than “Iron Man 3” (2013) and “Fast & Furious 8” (2017).

To rise to the top, Barbie will have to make more than twice as much worldwide: Avatar (2009) is currently number one with nearly three billion US dollars in box office earnings. Ranked second to fifth are “Avengers: Endgame” (2.8 billion), “Avatar 2” (2.3 billion), “Titanic” (2.2 billion), and “Star Wars: Episode VII” (2 billion).
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