June 22, 2024

Disney is animating the entire toy live as a Toy Story event

USA/London – When the NFL plays in London on October 1, entertainment company Disney will be treating its young viewers in particular to a very special show.

On October 1, the Jacksonville Jaguars (left) will take on the Atlanta Falcons in London. There is a very special TV event about this in the USA. (Archive) © SAM GREENWOOD / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP

Given the time difference, the match on the island – which starts in the afternoon – is ideal for the Sunday morning program in the USA.

When the Atlanta Falcons meet the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium at 3:30pm in Germany, it’s 9:30am on the East Coast of America.

Both Disney+ and the company’s in-house sports streaming channel ESPN+ are showing the meet in a way that kids and “the whole family” have never seen before — at least for U.S. citizens.

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As a live-action Toy Story animated film adapted to resemble the popular Disney/Pixar series.

All players from both teams are represented in games from Andy’s childhood room. Andy is the little boy from the film series who has all of the main character’s toys come to life.


An NFL for children is also being prepared in Germany

Woody, the main character of the Toy Story film series, is one of the most popular Disney/Pixar characters. © 123rf/Nanthabalan

“Every run, pass and score” must be visible to viewers. Not only does it have a London atmosphere, but it’s as if the characters were competing against each other in a children’s cartoon room – as is the basis of the Toy Story films.

It appears that a separate short film has already been prepared for the halftime show, in which the motorcycle-riding supporting character from Toy Story 4, Duke Cabook, will play the lead role.

It is not known whether the movie’s characters Buzz and Woody will also appear. However, it is expected that American audiences will also be able to see these favorites in the live sports adaptation event.

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