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DGAP-Adhoc: The Management Board of The Social Chain AG decides on measures to streamline the portfolio and adjusts the forecast for fiscal year 2022 | news

DGAP-Ad-hoc: The Social Chain AG / Keyword(s): Change in strategic company decision/forecast
The Management Board of The Social Chain AG decides on measures to streamline the portfolio and adjusts the forecast for the financial year 2022.

10.08.2022 / 23:05 CET/CEST
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The Management Board of The Social Chain AG decides on measures to streamline the portfolio and adjusts the forecast for the financial year 2022.

Berlin, August 10, 2022 Board of Management of The Social Chain AG (WKN: A1YC99, ISIN: DE000A1YC996, Ticker: PU11) (TSC) decided today on steps to realign the investment portfolio with the aim of further increasing the profitability of the entire group.

TSC then intends to sell related companies Ravensberger Matratzen GmbH (including the business operations of Möbelfreude Vertriebs GmbH), Carl Wilhelm Clasen GmbH, DEF Media GmbH and bytepark GmbH in the current fiscal year 2022. The first steps of implementation will be initiated at short notice. Specific sales steps will be communicated separately by TSC later.

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In the context of the decided portfolio adjustment, TSC adjusts the sales forecast for the entire group for the 2022 financial year to approximately EUR 415 million.


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