April 22, 2024

Canada moves to CAS against ISU

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New developments in doping scandal

Kamila Valyeva doping case moves to next round. Canadians want bronze at the Green Table, Russia wants gold back.

Valieva during training in February 2022

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Two years after the Olympic Games in Beijing, Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva's doping ban case continues to haunt:

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Canada's 2022 Winter Games figure skating team, Skate Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee COC have appealed the International Skating Union's (ISU) assessment to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The ISU decided on January 30 not to disqualify Russia from the team competition despite Valieva's four-year ban.

Russia loses gold

Instead, the ISU decided to withdraw Valieva's evaluation from the Russian team that won on the ice in Beijing. This dropped the Russians from gold to bronze. The Canadians were fourth and now want bronze at the green table. Accordingly the International Olympic Committee (IOC) should award the medals.

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But Russia's Olympic Committee ROC and the National Figure Skating Association are taking action against the ISU at the CAS, the Lausanne-based Court of Sports announced. They demand that Beijing's rankings be restored: gold for Russia, silver for the US, bronze for Japan.

“As the proceedings are still at an early stage, it is not possible to say when the trial will take place,” CAS said.