December 1, 2023

Deep Ciarán also brings strong wind gusts to Switzerland

A hurricane depression is forming over the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday. On Thursday night, Ciaran will move over northern France and southern England, bringing stormy weather with it. Wind speeds are expected to reach 160 km/h in the western tip of Brittany.

Switzerland was only marginally affected by the storm. However, strong winds are also expected in this country. “We are on the southern side of Ciaran,” Michael Eichmann of Meteonews explains to

“It will be stormy in the mountains from Thursday to Tuesday,” he says. Wind speed is expected to range between 80 and 100 km/h. “Depending on how exposed the mountain is, a tornado with speeds exceeding 118 km/h are likely,” the expert said. “For example in Santis.”

Maitland, on the other hand, suffers less from inclement weather. “The winds are expected to be stronger on Sunday and Monday,” Eichmann explains. The wind speed then ranges between 50 and 70 km/h. And: “In slightly elevated areas exposed to winds, storms can also occur, meaning wind speeds exceed 74 km/h.”

However, no major damage is expected in the Maitland area. You should avoid the forest because of the risk of cut branches. Flower pots should also be kept secure as a precaution.

There will also be Foehn stages on Thursday and Saturday. The reason for this is the large pressure difference between the northern and southern sides of the Alps. Saturday’s fog is expected to be stronger than Thursday. Therefore, it will be windy in the northern valleys of the Alps.

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Daniela Roth from Meteo Switzerland also explains that Ciarán caused a significant drop in pressure in the Alpine region on Thursday. The result: “wind gusts ranging in speed between 70 and 100 km/h” in the Fuhn valleys. This is according to currently available forecast documents. Above 2000 metres, speeds of 90 to 130 km/h can be expected.

A level 2 out of 5 rainfall warning has also been issued.