October 5, 2023

After the success of the A320 Neo: Airbus is also negotiating orders for the A220 in China

After the success of the A320 Neo: Airbus is also negotiating orders for the A220 in China

The European aircraft manufacturer wants to build on its recent success in China. With the A220, Airbus is particularly targeting smaller airlines in the west of the country.

Airbus just celebrated a huge success in the People’s Republic. Air China, affiliated with Shenzhen Airlines, China Eastern and China Southern A total of 292 aircraft of the A320 Neo family have been ordered. But the European aircraft manufacturer did not have enough.

Airbus told the state newspaper, China Daily, that it was also negotiating with Chinese airlines about the A220. These are mainly small and medium sized airlines.

Airbus confirms China’s share of the A220

The A220 carries more passengers than the Chinese Comac ARJ21, but less than the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737. A similar large aircraft A319 Neo is intended mainly for very high airports, and the A220 for lower ones, the newspaper wrote, citing Airbus.

The manufacturer explained that it is working intensively on the approval of the A220 by the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority. “Of all Airbus aircraft models, the A220 has the largest number of Chinese items,” emphasized Yang Xiaoyu, Airbus’s China and East Asia director. Participating 15 suppliers from the People’s Republic of China – “From the provision of raw materials and components to the assembly of large parts”.

Possible especially in the west of the country

China Daily reports that the government plans to build 136 new airports in mainland China between 2015 and 2025, about half of them in the western part of the country. “Small cities in domestic short-range markets need more direct flights to connect them, and the A220 is a type of aircraft suitable for such markets,” said Xie Li, a professor at the China Civil Aviation Administration Institute.

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