October 3, 2023

Core i7-14700K with biggest upgrade: MSI mistakenly confirms RPL update

from Oliver Jaeger
Motherboard manufacturer MSI has mistakenly posted a video on YouTube verifying the specifications and performance data of Intel’s 14th Gen CPUs. Overall, Raptor Lake Refresh should be an average of 3 percent faster than previous CPUs, and the Core i7-14700K is 17 percent faster in multi-threaded applications thanks to the core upgrade.

Basically, the most important information about Intel’s 14th generation processors, also known as Raptor Lake Refresh, has gradually leaked out, so the official presentation that Intel will make later this year will be just a formality. The data has now been made somewhat official by motherboard manufacturer MSI, who – perhaps unintentionally – provided specs and performance values ​​in a YouTube video. The video is now private, but as is often the case, the internet was faster and caught everything.

MSI mistakenly confirms the previously leaked data

Not surprisingly, there are no new results, only known leaks have been confirmed. Like the RPL CPUs, the updated successors are built using the Intel 7 process and have the same cores (Raptor Cove P core and Gracemont E core). On average, the 14th generation should be about 3 percent faster than the 13th generation.

Source: MSI

MSI accidentally posted a video verifying rumored specs and performance data for Intel's 14th Gen CPUs.  (2)

Source: MSI

The Core i7-14700K stands out, the only processor whose electronic cores have been increased from eight to twelve. This should help the CPU deliver 17 percent faster multi-threaded performance compared to its predecessor. The Core i7-14700K is also equipped with a slightly larger L3 cache, coming to 33 instead of 30MB.

Core i12000
(“Alder Lake”)
(“Lake Raptor”)
(“Raptor Lake Update”)
Core i9-xx900KS 16C/24T (8P+8E) 5.5GHz 24C/32T (8P+16E) 6.0GHz
Core i9-xx900K 16C/24T (8P+8E) 5.2GHz 24C/32T (8P+16E) 5.8GHz 24C/32T (8P+16E) 6.0GHz
Core i9-xx900 16C/24T (8P+8E) 5.1GHz 24C/32T (8P+16E) 5.6GHz 24C/32T (8P+16E) 5.8GHz
Core i7-xx700K 12C/20T (8P+4E) 5.0GHz 16C/24T (8P+8E) 5.4GHz 20C/28T (8P+12E) 5.6GHz
Core i7-xx700 12C/20T (8P+4E) 4.8GHz 16C/24T (8P+8E) 5.2GHz 20C/28T (8P+12E) 5.4GHz
Core i5-xx600K 10C/16T (6P+4E) 4.9GHz 14C/20T (6P+8E) 5.1GHz 14C/20T (6P+8E) 5.3GHz
Core i5-xx600 6C/12T (6P+0E) 4.8GHz 14C/20T (6P+8E) 5.0GHz 14C/20T (6P+8E) 5.2GHz
Core i5-xx500 6C/12T (6P+0E) 4.6GHz 14C/20T (6P+8E) 4.8GHz 14C/20T (6P+8E) 5.0GHz
Core i5-xx400 6C/12T (6P+0E) 4.4GHz 10C/16T (6P+4E) 4.6GHz 10C/16T (6P+4E) 4.7GHz
Core i3-xx300 4C/8T (4P+0E) 4.4GHz
Core i3-xx100 4C/8T (4P+0E) 4.1GHz 4C/8T (4P+0E) 4.5GHz 4C/8T (4P+0E) 4.7GHz

)* Not yet officially confirmed by Intel

Otherwise, Raptor Lake Refreshes CPUs have slightly higher boost clock rates (up to 6GHz) with higher consumption at the same time, but are still compatible with 600 and 700 motherboards via a BIOS update and with the LGA1700 socket. However, faster DDR5 memory is supported, with up to 6,400 MT/s according to the JEDEC standard. New mainboard options that add Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 functionality should also be available.

Match: Intel Core i7-14700K ES: Up to 17 percent faster than 13700K, up to 5.8GHz clock speed

Meanwhile, presentation (September) and start of sales (October) for 14th Gen Intel CPUs are expected in the fall, starting with the high-performance K models later this year and the rest early next year, as is usual. . It is then possible that the official unveiling of the new CPU series will take place at Intel’s innovation event on September 19th.

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source: msi via wccftech