December 3, 2023

WhatsApp wants to greatly expand emoji reactions

WhatsApp wants to greatly expand emoji reactions

The previous WhatsApp reaction feature was limited to six emojis. The major update should now allow access to the entire emoji library for reactions. Big win for photo lovers.

For an upcoming update of the app, WhatsApp is working on the ability to reply to messages with any emoji. This is only possible with six of the more than 3,000 emojis – including “Thumbs up”, a heart or, for example, a crying emoji.

Emoji reactions on WhatsApp

If that’s very little room to adequately express your reactions, you’ll be happy. According to the news published on the site, it is assumed that it will be possible to interact with any emoji in the future WABetaInfo. After the feature extension has already been discussed for Android and the desktop version of WhatsApp, it is now also being offered for the iPhone, to please iOS users.

According to WABetaInfo, the new feature could look like this.Photo: TECHBOOK via WABetaInfo

Since the new functionality is currently still in development, it is uncertain when a release can be expected. Beta testers are likely to be the first users to enjoy the full set of emoji reactions.

TECHBOOK reported emoji reactions to WhatsApp messages in May 2022. Editors already suspected the functionality could be expanded – colorful icons are just as popular as non-verbal means of communication.

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Emojis often convey emotion better than text

In true teamwork we express our feelings through our voices or the tones of words. We lack that level of written communication. As a result, some phrases are quickly misunderstood. Frustration and anger are often the result.

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Emojis, and with them the extended functions of WhatsApp reactions, help to communicate more clearly and avoid misunderstandings by allowing us to convey lost emotions. Communication scholars are not only interested in the effects of icons on our written communications, but also researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering Examine emojis for their ability to convey mood and emotion. The widespread interest in science shows that emojis are a communication phenomenon that must be taken seriously. TECHBOOK will continue to follow the emoji trend.