Conclusion of a contract between Electronic Arts & Silver Rain Games

Electronic Arts works with the independent studio Silver Rain Games. The result is a game not yet known.

Electronic Arts has signed a contract with the independent studio Silver Rain Games, which was founded by actor and producer Abu Bakr Salem and Melissa Phillips in 2019. A previously undisclosed game in development will be released through the EA Originals brand.

“In a challenging year, we have assembled an exceptionally creative and cosmopolitan team eager to work on projects that bring their global perspectives to life. Together we will create an exciting world with the storytelling power and brilliance that goes with it. We couldn’t be happier working with the EA Originals team who They were exceptional partners as we embark on this journey, and each of them not only understands our vision of inspiration and entertainment, but also embraces an exciting new era of game development, ”Abu Bakr Selim.

Melissa Phillips added, “We’ve spent the last year really growing our team and have some exceptionally talented people helping us develop this game. I really look forward to seeing the team grow and the opportunity to showcase the quality of the work they do.”

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