July 15, 2024

Climate Quit: That’s Behind It

Climate Quit: That’s Behind It

When employees quit their jobs because the company is not making any efforts to protect the climate, this is called climate quits. This is the background.

Traveling by train instead of by plane, eating vegan food, switching to green electricity: many people are committed to climate protection in one way or another in their daily lives – and some have even quit their jobs to do so.

climate confessionIt is called when employees quit their jobs because the company is harming the climate or, in their opinion, is not doing enough to deal with the climate crisis.

What is climate quitting?

Not only does climate protection play a major role for many people in their private lives, it is also an increasingly central concern among employees. If they feel their companies are not doing enough to combat the climate crisis, some are taking a stand with Climate Quitting.

according to opinion poll Of around 2,000 workers in the UK, 35 per cent are willing to leave their jobs if they feel their employers are taking no or insufficient action to reduce a company’s environmental impact.

Who are the climate imitators?

With climate quitting, non-compliance with climate protection is grounds for termination.
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According to the educational company, climate recognition is the most straightforward Corporate Governance Institutes on Monday Youngest working generationsMillennials and Generation Z, respectively Anyone in their 40s or younger. By the way: Those who are between millennials and generation Z are also quite often xyleneals named.

These generations generally show greater support for climate action and a clearer career stance. As Utopia already mentioned, according to a study, young professionals in particular wonder what their employers stand for: Generation Z: It’s better to be unemployed than unhappy at work.

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This also confirms one opinion poll Corporate Governance Institute. It found that nearly half of the more than 6,000 adults in this age group surveyed are employed by their employer. ESG’s participation Expect. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance and refers to the framework and standards for considering environmental, sustainability and social issues in companies. One in five respondents turned down a job offer because they felt the company didn’t do it.

Climate protection in the company

Quiet climate and many young people do not want "Climate killer" a job.
Climate Quitter And many young people don’t want to work for “climate killers”.
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António Guterres asserted that some companies are “real climate killers” The Secretary-General of the United Nations in a speech to the students. These are in particular those companies that are being broken up Fossil fuels and continue to spend “mountains of money on coal and fossil fuels that are destroying our planet”. And this despite the looming climate catastrophe and our knowledge that “investing in fossil fuels is a dead end – economically and environmentally”. Guterres therefore called on students not to put themselves at the service of “climate destroyers”.

At OMR Marketing Expo in May 2023, climate activist Louisa Neubauer called on people to resign if the company engages in greenwashing. You can watch the lecture on YouTube Watching, watching.

As the growing climate-induced cessation trend shows, Guterres’ appeal to young people must lie on fertile ground. Because many workers of today and tomorrow Clear priorities, among which is climate protection. Companies should not turn a blind eye to this if they want to retain their employees and hire new ones.

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Employers have many options, and more Sustainability in the company They will be created, for example in the form of climate protection plans. In fact, nearly half of European companies have set themselves climate targets, but implementation is lagging behind: Study: Companies have climate goals — without a strategy to actually achieve them. Serious efforts, claim and reality in terms of climate protection in a functional company Sustainability management For reconciliation is necessary To give climate-conscious employees no reason to quit.

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