February 29, 2024

Celebrating Papablot and Reese's Edeltalk podcast from Canada

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A few things didn't go right in 7 vs. Wild Season 3. But fans are particularly happy with the organization's decision.

VANCOUVER ISLAND, Canada — Although the winners of 7 vs. Wild Season 3 are already known, the last episodes of the survival show are still streaming on YouTube. With that said, a bonus episode of the podcast “Edeltalk” with Papablade (Kevin Teller) and Reiss (Dominic Reisman) is now being released. Both streamers were able to record an episode during their participation and give fans what was said to be missing from 7 Seasons 1 and 2 of Wild vs.

7 vs. Wild: Poppablot and Reese catch up on what fans missed in Seasons 1 and 2

What happened? On January 11, fans of 7 vs. Wild are waiting for episode 13 to be released on YouTube. At the same time, Papablot and Reese released a special episode of the Edeltalk podcast. The two streamers call the nearly 80-minute conversation from the Canadian wilderness “Our Podcast from the Wilderness.” We have included the full episode of Edeltalk here.

What are the two talking about? Mainly it is about food. No wonder you've already gone eight days without food at this point. But kebabs and McDonald's aren't the only ones being discussed. Also included are candid conversations about their expectations for 7 vs. Wild in particular and what actually happened.

Fans love it: Even before 7 vs. Wild Season 3 aired, it was clear that Poppaplot and Reese would be allowed to record a bonus episode — and they got extra equipment for it. That is why many fans are now commenting on how high their expectations were. Streamers showered praise on YouTube and Reddit.

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7 vs. Wild: “Best thing the organization has decided this season” © YouTube: Edeltalk/7 vs. Wild (montage)

It offers a bit of something I missed from Seasons 1 and 2: honest conversations with the camera“One fan commented on Reddit and took the place of many. On YouTube, viewers go even further.”The best thing the company decided to do this season was to allow an extra episode to be recordedA comment that received a particularly high number of thumbs up says.

The YouTube broadcast of 7 vs. Wild is wrapping up, and the contestants are opening up about the many behind-the-scenes issues. Drimax thinks 7 vs. Wild lacks the best visuals – apparently the sensational footage has been cut.