February 24, 2024

Britain warns Iran of conflict: world is losing patience

Britain has called on Iran to halt attacks by Yemen's Houthi rebels and other allies in the Middle East. The world is losing patience with Tehran's destabilizing actions, British Defense Secretary Grant Shabbs warned in an interview with The Daily Telegraph published on Saturday.

Iran should coerce the Houthi rebels, but also stop Lebanon's Hezbollah and groups in Iraq and Syria, Shabs said. Tehran needs to play an important role in de-escalating tensions and understand that nothing good will come of it through its many proxies in the region and everyone stands to lose if it continues on its chosen path.

The US and Great Britain, backed by allies, have been attacking Houthi rebel positions in Yemen since Friday night. For some time, they have been attacking ships in the Red Sea that they believe have Israeli owners or want to call at Israeli ports. Shapps insisted Britain was acting in self-defence because of threats to merchant shipping and a drone attack on a British destroyer.

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