September 29, 2023

“Bottom Treks” – Sons of Nature with a scathing report on the Keeling incident

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Sons of Nature talks YouTube about the facts and videos of the Andreas Keeling incident at 7 vs. Wild. Millions of people watch the report.

Canada – 7 vs. Wild Still in negative headlines. Now participants and eyewitnesses bring out the sons of nature. They report the facts, the lies in the prosecutor’s account that the cameras allegedly caught it all. Dominating video trends on YouTube. Andreas Keeling and his defenders have received harsh criticism on the Internet.

title 7 vs. wild teams
Production Fritz Meinecke
As a participant 14
Type Survival Challenge, Bushcraft, Wilderness
form YouTube web series

Only Robert Mark Lehmann gave Andreas Keeling a proper notice

The Sons of Nature 7 vs. Wild continues to be overshadowed by negative news. Andreas Keeling, decorated with the Federal Cross of Merit, had to leave the show after allegedly crossing the line against at least one participant. Now the sons of nature, the eyewitnesses, come forward with a final statement that makes Keeling even worse:

  • The Sons of Nature 7 Vs. Participants in the third season of Wild. The YouTuber duo around Andreas Schulz and Gerrit Rosell were among the first to get the ball rolling about the Keeling incident and quickly took a stand, “to show edge“And position yourself behind Ann-Katherine Bendixen (Monkey on a Bike).
  • On September 9th, Naturenzone will report a new video titled “The Final Report on Andreas Keeling”. It went viral on YouTube, collecting 250,000 views within hours, and the video is in the top 5 trends for the second day in a row.
  • In their report, Sons of Nature separates their subjective opinion of Andreas Kling and objective, indisputable facts, as they say. However, Andreas Keeling, through his lawyer, denies all the allegations – in a counter statement from Keeling’s lawyer, all allegations “Incorrect“Two. Of course, the presumption of innocence still applies.
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7 vs. Wilde: “There was a lie” – Naturensöhen with a final report on Andreas Keeling © YouTube: Naturensöhen/7 vs. Wild (Montage)

Facts about the incident: Sons of Nature say more than 10 people saw the incident in Canada on the site. Additionally, many of the witnesses’ cell phones and, most importantly, 7 vs. Wild cameras captured everything. Recordings are scheduled for ‘behind the scenes’ material. You can see how only Keeling dances and behaves inappropriately towards the candidates Hannah and Ann-Katherine. It goes on to say:

There is video footage, but I don’t think it will be released. Simply because it opens up so much shit. But the site has footage that proves 1:1 what happened.

However, Sons of Nature say they cannot press charges against Keeling. “To us he is still guilty, […] Because it really happened“, emphasizes Andreas Schulz from Nature Sons. Ann-Katherine Bendiksen herself is cited as the reason for the failure to prosecute. For them, the matter would be too unpleasant, and the recovery would be too traumatic: “No one checks on the internet that it is undesirable for the victim“, criticize the duo in the video.

Here’s the full report from Nature’s Sons on YouTube about the incident at 7 vs. Wild:

“Basic Treks” – Sons of Nature criticize Keeling defenders on the Internet

Final Comment: In the subjective part of the report, Sons of Nature shoots hard against the guilty-victim reversal that Ann-Katherine must go through. That “Massively victimized humiliation ensued“According to Gerrit, it’s because of the way the ‘7 vs. Wild’ system communicated. The official reports came too late, only after the damage to Ann-Kathrin Bendixen – and so did the show’s creator, Fritz Meinecke.

The truth is, you can talk about it all you want!

Keeling’s lawyer’s counter-statement is also heavily criticized by Naturenson: “There was a lie“and”Bullshit“It says with an outstretched hand and an angry look. There is no such lively party and dance atmosphere among the participants – except for Andreas Keeling.

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Fritz Meinecke and Andreas Kieling at 7 vs.  Wild Season 3.
Andreas Keeling covered 7 vs. Wild Season 3 by Fritz Meinecke. © IMAGO / Vincent Isore / Andreas Kieling / Frit Meinecke (montage)

Since there will be no legal consequences in the future, Mr. It is logical that Keeling is now silent about everything and making counterclaims. The sons of nature note angrily.

Video footage of Keeling incident leaked? YouTubers are raving about it.”Close the bag too“. Even for Sons of Nature, this incident should not overshadow the 7 vs. Wild plan. Perhaps a recording of the actual incident should have been leaked, i.e. unofficially released, Sons of Nature for short.

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The report concludes that it is difficult to overcome victim hatred on the Internet, unlike real records. Robert Marc Lehmann had harsh words for everyone in his statement.A**holes there“, who hit 7 vs. Wild victims.