September 29, 2023

Boris Becker makes the mistake – he made that much money playing tennis

In a new podcast, Becker talks about his private life and also admits his mistakes.Photo: IMAGO/Hasenkopf Images


Jennifer Ulrich

Since his release from prison in December 2022, Boris Becker has been searching for the limelight again, and the interest in him seems to be greater than it has been for a long time. This also explains why two documentaries about his life have already appeared on streaming platforms this year.

On the OMR podcast with Philip Westermayer, the former Wimbledon winner now speaks candidly about the darker side of his fame. He has attacked other German celebrities – and makes it clear that he earned a lot less money as a professional tennis player than most people assume.

Boris Becker talks about the downside

The 55-year-old has mixed feelings about the rise and popularity of social media: “On a personal level, it’s very annoying, and more interesting on a professional level,” he explains. On the one hand, he lives his brand and needs the audience, but “on a private level it’s a disadvantage because you can’t go anywhere anymore”. Today everyone will have a cell phone, can take pictures of them and then upload them to Instagram instantly. Accordingly, Baker complains:

“So the next morning or sometimes at night, everyone knew who I was sitting at the table with.”

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As a public person, “you no longer have any rights,” he even adds, “if you were as well known as I was, someone could shoot you and sell you the next day.” Baker talks about the “loss of privacy” he had to learn to protect himself.

Trust problems with Boris Becker

In this regard, the former tennis star also finds it difficult to trust his new acquaintances. Because, as he explained, he was often betrayed. “I often had people around me who had been close friends for ten years and then sold the story in the eleventh year,” he recalls. They will also know who they are. Becker’s conclusion: “That’s why I don’t trust anyone at first.”

In the past he was very open about his private life, which is his undoing today: because he presented himself that way early in his career, he can now be photographed almost anywhere. It’s not the case for celebrities like Gunther Jauch or Stefan Raab, who care deeply about their private lives. On the other hand, Becker finds that this comparison is only partly applicable, because, in contrast to the above, it is universally known:

“With all due respect to Günther Jauch and Stefan Raab: no one knows them in the US, nor in Asia or Africa. In this regard, they have an easier private life.”

But he also admits: “I’ve made one or two mistakes over the past 40 years,” Becker used to be so naïve.

Becker reveals his earnings

Over time, Philip Westermeyer also confronts the star with his supposed income, which he once earned through his sporting successes. At this point, Baker says he’s earned far less than the numbers circulating on the Internet suggest.

“US$25 million,” says Westermayer, and Becker steps in immediately, “before taxes and costs.” This greatly reduces the number. In the end, he himself provided a figure: “Obviously less than 50 million marks.” Information that can be found on the Internet is “wrong”.

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