March 2, 2024

UK premiere in London: Julia Roberts dazzles in a pink miniskirt

Julia Roberts impresses with her elegant outfits. Photo: Imago/Doug Peters

Julia Roberts puts you in the mood at the London premiere of Leave The World Behind in skimpy outfits and sparkling accessories. This is what made her stand out from the rest of the guests.

Actress Julia Roberts (56 years old) appeared at the premiere of her new film “Leave The World Behind” in London, in a pink jacket and a tight miniskirt of the same color. Despite the low temperatures in the British capital, it seems that the Hollywood star decided not to wear tights. But Roberts couldn't see the cold: As usual, she greeted fans in front of Mayfair's Curzon Cinema, beaming from ear to ear, according to media reports, and then turned to the other guests.

The Oscar winner is said to have stood out among the event's dark-clad visitors, including Rami Malek, 42, and director Sam Esmail, 46. The 56-year-old combined a diamond necklace and shiny silver high heels with her bright outfit. The lace of her black bra was discreetly visible under her low-cut jacket.

In addition to Julia Roberts, “Leave The World Behind” stars Mahershala Ali (49 years old) and Mihala Herold (27 years old). The psychological thriller officially premieres on Netflix on December 8th.

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