February 23, 2024

Just in time for the US election: Jon Stewart returns to the Daily Show.

Just in time for the US elections
Jon Stewart returns to The Daily Show

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“The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart remains a model for many late-night shows to this day. Now the US broadcaster resigns: The 61-year-old broadcaster is hosting the US election show again in the week.

American late night broadcaster Jon Stewart returns with his legendary show 'The Daily Show'. This was mentioned by the British, among others “Guardians” Referring to a statement issued by US broadcaster Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios. The show will therefore be broadcast late at night on the American cable channel Comedy Central. Stewart hosted the “Daily Show” for 16 years until his exit in 2015. Through the show, he set new standards in political comedy — and inspired the German “Heute Show” on ZDF.

Stewart's return comes at the right time for the heated phase of the upcoming US presidential elections. In November, the United States may face another duel between current President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump. The former president won the New Hampshire Republican primary early Wednesday morning (local time). The only remaining contender to run for president is former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

The statement goes on to say that Stewart will host The Daily Show every Monday evening. There will be a change of hosts on the remaining days of the week. The 61-year-old star's first show is scheduled to take place on February 12, the Monday after the Super Bowl. Stewart will also remain on the night show as a producer.

Following Stewart's departure in 2015, South African comedian Trevor Noah took over the format for seven years – until December 2022. Since then, the creators have been searching for a successor. Meanwhile, Stewart appeared on Apple's streaming service with “The Trouble with Jon Stewart.” The show was canceled shortly before production on the third season began “Technical differences” hiring.

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