March 2, 2024

Best entertainment program on TV today: “Stadt Land Kunst” and “Bares für Rares”

Looking for presentation tips for this Monday? We have selected for you the best recommendations from the TV show. Whether it’s an old show, an art magazine or decorative soap: here you’ll find an overview of truly worthwhile TV shows. Turn it on!

TV tips for you today on Photo: Adopstock / Genko Ataman

With the tips for daily shows from, you will be well informed today, no matter if it is an old show, an art magazine or a decorative soap: we have once again selected six TV show shows that are worth watching for you, so that you see only the best. Monday. You can find the programs you shouldn’t miss today in the TV recommendations from

Art magazine: “Stadt Land Kunst” with Linda Loren (12:40 pm on Arte)

(1): In Marseille: Andre Soares settles scores Anyone who wants to insult Marseille had better come from there themselves – like Andre Soares, who was born here and has a deep love-hate relationship with his birthplace. In 1929 he demonstrated this admirably in his epic poem “Marcio”: Sometimes disgusted, sometimes enchanted, he targeted Marseille and its inhabitants in an incomparably talented and malicious way. (2): United Kingdom: Queen of Picnics Every year in the spring the season of sophisticated social receptions begins in the United Kingdom.

An art magazine run by Linda Loren on the Arte channel that runs for 45 minutes.

Vintage show: “Cash for Rarities” with Horst Lichter (3:05 p.m. on ZDF)

Horst Lichter and his team present a Cartier cigarette case, a slot machine, an alabaster bust, a table scale and four acrylic works by Hella Jablonski. Valuable or worthless? Whether it’s rare objects, antiques or noble rarities: at Horst Lichter’s junk show, everyone can have rare finds from the cellar or garage of value.

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Hosted by Horst Lichter on ZDF, this vintage show lasts 55 minutes.

Deco Soaps: “Guido Deco Queen” (4 p.m. on Vox)

This Vox decorative soap lasts for 60 minutes.

Documentary: “How Tina Turner Came to Niedertreiber” (8:15 p.m. on MDR)

They were the stars you could touch: weekend after weekend in the GDR, cover bands, dance groups and part-time songwriters crisscrossed the country, dragging their often self-made gear into village restaurant halls or cultural centers – letting it rip. The documentary “How Tina Turner Came to the Niedertriebera – Amateur Bands of the German Democratic Republic” tells their stories and traces their attitude to life: a journey back to youth, when the music was loud and the nights were long. Almost all rock musicians in the GDR started out as “amateur musicians”.

This documentary about MDR lasts 90 minutes.

Show: “The Lion’s Den” (8:15 p.m. on Vox)

In “Lions’ Den – Finally Christmas” the lions meet founders with thoughtful business ideas. Young entrepreneurs can hope for a financial injection and the expertise of investors. Will the startup wish list come true? Jürgen Mileski (59) and ski coach Ralf Kosche (60) will also be counted as founders. They introduced Gogglestop, a goggle stopper for ski helmets.

This show on Vox runs for 180 minutes.

Documentary: “The Deceiver – Helge Achenbach” (10:30 PM on 3 Sat)

As Germany’s premier art advisor, Helge Achenbach once represented major artists such as Gerhard Richter. But in 2015 he ended up in prison for defrauding the Albrecht family. The sentence he now served as art director in Düsseldorf. – In the documentary by Marita Luzin and Birgit Schulz, Helge Achenbach looks back on his golden years. The multi-million art maker and former juggler has completed years of humility in prison.

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This documentary on 3sat lasts 95 minutes.

If you’re looking for exciting current movies, series or sports on TV, you’ll find plenty of TV recommendations in our TV Current section.

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