December 4, 2023

Basel at the bottom of the table: Heiko Vogel, are you still coach of FC Bayern after Nati’s break?

Heiko Vogel: “I will remain coach after the national team’s break”

October 8, 2023

Heiko Vogel was also unable to collect any points in his second match this season as Bayern coach. Many fans have already called for his resignation. But what does Vogel himself say about this?

no time? Blue News sums it up for you

  • Basel take charge of Red Lantern in the Premier League after another defeat.
  • Players and coaches remain convinced that there is a clear lead in the match against YB.
  • When asked if Heiko Vogel would still be absent in two weeks, the Bayern coach had a clear answer.

The early goal scored on Sunday afternoon in Bern must have been a slap in the face for Heiko Vogel and the entire Basel team. Despite or precisely because things are not rosy at Bayern at the moment, the team wanted to show a reaction against the champions. Jean-Pierre Nsami then scored for Bernese just three minutes later.

But Basel did not let this discourage them. Vogel constantly encourages his team. He gestures violently, gives instructions, and actually, Basel have a good chance of equalizing, but the ball doesn’t want to go into the goal. Instead, YB made it 2-0 before half-time, before Cedric Itten made it all clear with a 3-0 lead in the 79th minute.

The trend is right for the people of Basel

The result feels like another slap. But unlike what happened recently against Lausanne, there is an upward trend for Bayern Munich in Bern. “Of course you shouldn’t expect any joy dances after a 3-0 defeat,” says Heiko Vogel in an interview with Blue Sport. “But it’s going in the right direction. YB also showed that they are a top team. They had three balls on target and they were all on target.”

In fact, it’s hard to look more competent than YB this afternoon. Vogel did not exaggerate his statements. The Swiss champions did not have many chances. It was “very bitter” for Merwin Hitz, who was unable to concede all the goals. However, according to this indicator, the Basel goalkeeper looks a little more optimistic than before. “We saw a team that was alive. I see a team working even during the week. This may seem stupid after a result like this, but we really have good characters in the team and we just have to keep working.

Marwin Hitz: “There is progress, even if you don’t always see it.”

October 8, 2023

Fine tuning in Freiburg

Now is the time for it. Due to Nati’s holiday, tournament operations will not resume for another two weeks. As a result, eight players will not train with Bayern in the next few days. The rest of the team will continue to work on the path set in the match against Freiburg.

And then the points must come. Heiko Vogel’s announcement is clear in this regard. Will he still be on the sidelines as coach in two weeks? Vogel: “That’s right.”

YB – Basel 3: 0

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October 8, 2023