May 23, 2024

Nico Rosberg received the Value Award for Innovation

  • Nico Rosberg receiving the 2023 Value Award
  • Award for outstanding achievements and exemplary role in the field of innovation
  • Ceremonial award ceremony at the Paulskirche in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, March 27, 2023. Nico Rosberg receives the Values ​​2023 Award for Innovation from the Values ​​Foundation. The award was presented to the sustainability entrepreneur and 2016 Formula 1 World Champion yesterday evening at the prestigious ninth award ceremony at the Paulskirche in Frankfurt.

With the Value Award, top athletes are recognized each year for their outstanding merits and achievements. This year, the trio of track cyclists Leah-Sophie Friedrich, Pauline Grabusch, and Emma Haines, as well as Nico Rosberg and Florian Wilbrook, received Value Foundation Awards for their role in the areas of “Performance,” “Respect,” and “Innovation.” “. Denise Schindler, President of the Values ​​Foundation and World Cycling Champion, welcomed some 500 invited guests to the 9th Values ​​Awards Gala in the Paulskirche to honor the winners, to promote dialogue between sport and business and to discuss values. In our society argue. In doing so, Nico Rosberg joins a list of well-known award winners – including gymnastics champion, Olympic champion and world champion Fabian Hambuchen, table tennis legend Timo Boll, twelve-time Paralympic winner and German Sports Hall of Fame member Verena Bentelli, handball icon Joachim Decarm and champions of the Games Olympics in beach volleyball Laura Ludwig, Kira Walkenhorst, Jonas Rickermann and Julius Brink.

“Following his successful racing career, Nico Rosberg is primarily committed to sustainable innovation as an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. With his many commitments, he is a prime example of an outstanding athlete bringing the skills and values ​​gained and experienced in sport to founding and running a company. For his commitment to sustainability and entrepreneurship , was awarded the Value Award for Innovation,” says Holger Vollmann, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Value Foundation.

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Nico Rosberg has been active as a sustainable entrepreneur and investor in green technologies since the end of his active career in Formula 1 in 2016. Together with a dedicated team of international experts in Monaco, Great Britain and Germany, he manages a large number of projects and acts as an ambassador for the sustainable mobility revolution through Technological innovation. In 2019, he founded the Greentech Festival, a platform for future-oriented green technologies, which has already been held in Berlin, Singapore, New York, and London and has attracted a great deal of interest worldwide. It also supports well-known partners such as EnBW, SKY, Julius Baer and Jungheinrich in product marketing and sustainable initiatives. Since 2021, he has been competing with his team in Extreme E, an electric racing series that aims to draw attention to the consequences of climate change and show solutions. In 2022 he founded Rosberg Philantropies, a non-profit organization that supports sustainable projects and underprivileged children.

Nico Rosberg accepted the award in person. It was presented to him by Lena Schöneborn, the Olympic champion in the modern pentathlon. Rosberg spontaneously allocated the €10,000-plus prize money to two missions for the evening. He donated part of it to the Value Foundation’s Start-up Academy so that the second-place startup could also receive cash prizes. The other part will go to Ukrainian swimmer and Olympian Mykhailo Romanchuk, who wants to use the money to support local aid organizations in his home country.

Nico Rosberg said: “I am very happy with the values ​​award for innovation, especially in the context of sustainable innovations, which I support with complete conviction. We need to promote many new technologies and ideas in this field in order to meet the main challenges of climate change. I hope to be able to make a difference Here and I think it’s great that the Values ​​Foundation is active in the same field – Values ​​Connected!”

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Editorial notes

About Nico Rosberg:

Nico Rosberg was born in Wiesbaden in 1985, the son of Formula 1 world champion Keke Rosberg. He drove in Formula 1 for eleven years and won the World Champion title in 2016. Since leaving the racing series, he has been passionately committed to the topic of sustainability. As an entrepreneur and investor in green technologies and mobility startups, he represents visionary innovations that make the world a little better. He is also involved in many projects around the world on environmental protection, health, equality and justice. In 2019 he founded GREENTECH FESTIVAL, a global platform for pioneering sustainable ideas that takes place annually in Berlin. Since 2021, he has been competing with Rosberg X Racing in Extreme E, a racing series that aims to draw attention to the consequences of global climate change. Rosberg has received numerous awards for his entrepreneurial commitment. He lives in Monaco with his wife and two daughters.

About Values ​​Foundation:

The Values ​​Foundation, established as a result of civic engagement in 2005, aims to foster a society in which values ​​are firmly grounded. The focus is on the goal of transmitting, promoting and making values ​​tangible. To this end, it launches projects across Germany in the three areas of sport, education and innovation under the motto: “Promoting values. Upgrading people. Creating ideas.” In the field of “Promoting values”, many educational opportunities are offered such as value workshops for startups and for students and coaches. young people in various sports. On the other hand, since 2009, the Foundation has been giving out valuable prizes for value-oriented work. The mentoring program, which has been successfully implemented in collaboration with Sporthilfe since 2013 and supports top athletes in the transition from a sports career to a professional one, belongs to the field of work “Promoting people”. Other offerings for athletes are the junior academy and training complex. In addition to its commitment to first-class sport, the Values ​​Foundation promotes an innovative, value-based culture in Germany on the pillar of “Innovating Ideas” with its Futury innovation and sustainability platform. Futury brings together companies with young founders to develop and implement new, sustainable business models with unwavering value guidance.

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