December 4, 2023

Are your nerves on edge? Urs Fischer gets red in cup defeat

Urs Fischer receives the red card and can’t believe it.Photo: IMAGO/Sportfoto Rudel

Union Berlin also failed to win the German Football Association Cup. Although coach Urs Fischer was very attacking, his team did not create any good chances during the 0-1 defeat to Stuttgart. In the end, there was the eleventh (!) defeat in a row and the exit of the cup in the round of 16.

Too much for the flathead angler? After the final whistle, the Swiss coach was seen confronting referee Sascha Stegmann and speaking strongly to him. This was clearly too much for the referee. To Fischer’s great surprise, he drew a red card on himself and goalkeeping coach Michael Gasbourning.

I was supposedly too bold and too aggressive, the referee said, and Fischer later explained the red card in a Sky TV interview. Therefore, the 57-year-old wanted to clarify the scene with the referee shortly before the final whistle. “Maybe I was too aggressive. I was with him in the locker room and of course I apologized to him,” said Fischer, who maintains that he was never abusive.

Referee Sascha Stegemann also confirmed this. But he also says: “The goalkeeping coach and Urs Fischer entered the field with the intention of confronting us and my team and I faced each other. No questions were asked at all, but they talked to us loudly and shouted at us. In this case, the rules stipulate a red card for team officials.

Is Fischer’s emotion at the end of the match an indication that the Swiss coach’s nerves have begun to fray after eleven consecutive defeats? As reported by the newspaper “Bild” yesterdayThere are doubts within Union Berlin about whether Fischer is still the right man to lead Union out of this current crisis. Expulsion is no longer excluded.

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The Zurich player continues to receive support from his players. Even before the duel with Stuttgart Defense Minister Robin Knoch said: “For us as a team, the coaching question does not arise. Everyone stands with Urs Fischer 100%.” (Abu)

Bavaria and? These clubs have already become German champions


Bavaria and? These clubs have already become German champions

Bayern Munich He is the German record champion: in 2023, the championship cup goes to Croesus for the 33rd time, and Bayern also wins the title for the 11th time in a row.

Source: Keystone/Anna Szilagy

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