June 19, 2024

Apple is improving its data protection labels

Apple is improving its data protection labels

Apple created a new overview page to name data protection for many of its applications, so that users no longer have to search for information. The overview is prominently placed in the iPhone group’s data protection info, but so far only in the English version of the site is a German version likely to follow.

Data protection labels should provide insight into what user data apps you want to collect – and for what purpose. The company confirms that this includes software developed by Apple. New overview page It aims to bring together data protection stickers for apps from iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS in one place. The list ranges from well-known and basic Apple apps like Camera, Messages, and Phone, to “small” apps like the alarm app on the Apple Watch, to Apple’s iMessage apps, including Memoji and Hands.

So far, Apple has referred to the App Store, where data protection stickers are also collected, but in no way all the apps pre-installed by the manufacturer also have an entry in the App Store: central functions like Messages or iMessage, Safari Browser are not Delete the Phone or Health app, so it cannot be downloaded again from the App Store.

So far, Apple has hidden its data protection labels in hard-to-find single support documents, which also lack detail with additional information about data access – this point of criticism was also phased out with the new listing. The new overview menu is also useful for users of older versions of Apple operating systems to search for a sticker.

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For third-party developers, data protection labels have been mandatory since December 2020: information about data access must be sent when app updates or when setting up new apps. In a sample from an American newspaper, about a third of the apps had incorrect information about data protection labels. US lawmakers have already urged Apple to better scrutinize the information. Apple is threatening developers with false information, eventually targeting expulsion and announcing regular reviews.

  • It handles Apple’s data protection initiative and traceability transparency Mac and iOS Details in issue 2/2021, which will be available from April 8th.


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