July 14, 2024

AOC launches four monitors with USB-C hub

AOC launches four monitors with USB-C hub

There are currently four new models in the business series from AOC’s monitor experts. 27 or 32 inch monitors have a resolution of up to 4K.

The basics in brief

  • Monitor manufacturer AOC launches a total of four new business monitors.
  • The new models come in two versions, each with two sizes.
  • The monitors are equipped with a USB-C hub and have resolutions up to 4K.

The four new monitors from AOC are called “U27P2CA”, “Q27P2CA”, “U32P2CA” and “Q32P2CA” in the mega screen style. There are basically two models, each measuring 27 and 32 inches. simple design Some of the features are ideal equipment for the office or home office.

AOC offers USB-C and 4K ports

Models marked with the letter “U” create a full 4K resolution, that is, 3840 x 2160 pixels. The larger screen has a VA panel with a color space of 119 percent sRGB, 97.3 percent AdobeRGB, and 90.7 percent DCI-P3. The smaller version has an IPS panel and a lower color space coverage.

For models with the “Q” symbol, the resolution drops to QHD, that is, 2560 x 1440 pixels. And therefore There is a refresh rate From 75 Hz and IPS for both options. The smaller screen managed a color space of 126.5 percent sRGB, 108.4 percent AdobeRGB, and 100.8 percent DCI-P3.

All monitors also convince with an integrated USB hub with a total of four connections. External devices up to 65W can be charged and powered using the supplied USB-C cable.

According to Notebookcheck, the AOC Q32P2CA and U27P2CA will sell for 489 and 499 respectively this month. Franken Start. AOC U32P2CA Starting at 609 Franken It will take until September. Q27P2CA closes in October at 399 Franken.

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