July 16, 2024

Panasonic SC-GN01: gaming neckline speaker introduced – News from Gameswelt

Panasonic SC-GN01: gaming neckline speaker introduced – News from Gameswelt

Tired of headphone or thick speakers? Panasonic has come up with something and offers a new gaming headset, so to speak, the resounding sprite.

With the SC-GN01, Panasonic introduces a new gaming headset. The GN01 was developed to be carried on the shoulders and features optimal speaker placement and state-of-the-art audio technologies. The shoulder-mounted design makes it possible to enjoy gaming even during long sessions without straining your ears through headphones. The neck speaker has a specially developed housing structure based on analysis of human motion sequence data and is designed to provide maximum comfort even when playing for long periods of time.

The SC-GN01 has True MAGESS (Great Enhanced Gaming Environment Sound System) with 4 full-range speakers that generate a high level of surround sound around the neck area. Neodymium magnets built into the speakers. The high-performance signal processor allows mixing from two to four channels with original signal processing technology. Multichannel content like 5.1. It should be reproduced as a natural surround sound. The GN01 is connected to a computer or console via a 3-meter USB cable.

The GN01 is equipped with three sound modes developed in collaboration with audio experts from FINAL FANTASY XIV Online: role-playing, first-person shooter, and sound mode. The GN01 also has a music mode and a cinema mode. Thanks to the powerful dual microphone with noise and echo cancellation, you can also chat with other players.

The SC-GN01 Gaming Headset will be available from Amazon from the end of September 2021 for €179 (RRP).

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