February 22, 2024

Android users beware: starting December, there will be a fee for the functionality on WhatsApp

Storage space is limited

Previously, WhatsApp was free for users. But this is changing now for those who use an Android phone. From December onwards, they may have to pay fees for backups used heavily on the messaging service. Background information: Google and WhatsApp limit Google Drive backup storage space to 15GB. Saved WhatsApp chats in the future will count towards your personal storage quota on Google Drive. If this limit is reached, additional costs for users cannot be avoided.

Meta and Google say goodbye to each other

So far, Android users have been able to save WhatsApp backups to Google Drive for free, thanks to an agreement between Meta and Google. This agreement expires now, WhatsApp announced. WhatsApp messenger, founded in 2009, has been part of Meta Platforms, the former Facebook group, since 2014. Cloud storage for Whatsapp is provided and managed in a Google account. Although Whatsapp charged some users fees or paid app downloads in its early years, after Meta’s acquisition the service promised to offer its services free to users – except for commercial users such as businesses.

Mind change

There has been a change in opinion: First, the new fees will be imposed on Whatsapp beta users from December. In the first half of 2024, backup restrictions will be expanded to include all WhatsApp customers. This information about upcoming updates provides information about upcoming action and innovations.

Before imposing the fee, WhatsApp plans to inform its users about this through a banner in the app – 30 days in advance, the company confirms.

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