October 4, 2023

Jailbreakers allegedly hacked iPhone 13 running iOS 15

Jailbreakers allegedly hacked iPhone 13 running iOS 15

The four models of the iPhone 13 generation. Anyone planning to jailbreak should be aware of the security risks involvedPhoto: cornerstone

A hacker group called “Odyssey” apparently hacked the iPhone 13 for the first time. Permanent unlock software will be released soon, but there is a problem.

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It looks like the iPhone cracking group Odyssey managed to create the first working jailbreak for Iphone 13 as well for iOS 15 to develop. The group has now published the first screenshot of its Cheyote software tool.

Jailbreak is a way to remove Apple software locks in iPhone and iPad devices. This prevents users from Application To install from sources other than the App Store – or to make modifications to the operating system to add features apple I did not expect.

In the past, jailbreaking was a popular way to install (illegal) copies of expensive apps.

There is only one limitation

However, in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for iPhone jailbreakers to develop successful jailbreaks as Apple closes corresponding software gaps faster and faster.

However, hackers finally managed to find vulnerabilities for iOS 13, and last fall also for iOS 14. However, iOS 15 that has become available since then remains untouched — and with it all iPhone 13 models, since it Delivered only with iOS 15 – Apple successfully prevents installation of older operating systems.

So far the group has managed to hack the iPhone 13 and other iPhones running iOS 15. But there is still a big limitation: the first version of Cheyote will only work with iOS 15.1.1. However, the current version number is 15.5.

Jailbreak needs to be thought through

Anyone who has already updated to the latest version currently has no way to use the upcoming tool. The Odyssey team confirms that they will soon also offer a version that will jailbreak iPhones running iOS 15.4.

In general, jailbreaking is not recommended: Apple will not repair devices if there are problems. In addition, removing system locks offers more freedom, but also removes the vast majority of protection that Apple has built to prevent malware and other attacks on the device. If you are still trying to jailbreak, you should be aware of these risks.


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This brings the new iPhone software iOS 15


This brings the new iPhone software iOS 15

Source: Central Bulletin / Apple

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