May 22, 2024

Space for originals: At IFAT 2024, FAUN showcases the garbage truck of the future and…

FAUN Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. K.G

Munich (OT)

Get into the car, deliver the bin to the crane and take the waste to the collection structure. One might think that there is hardly anything that can be improved regarding the principle of waste disposal. But what FAUN does: use innovative technologies and artificial intelligence to make the disposal process more efficient and safe – for citizens, residents and, above all, for operating staff. Various assistance systems are available on a module basis in the FAUN Safety and Performance System. Previously worked on a new or retrofit truck. “The safety and comfort of operators and people in daily life is our top priority,” explains Patrick Hermanspan, CEO of FAUN, about the garbage truck of the future. The backhoe loader is equipped with a variety of technical details, including an all-new Safe User Display (SUD). User Safety Display, which gives loading personnel at their workplace at the back of the garbage truck additional camera perspectives (forward, behind and inside the truck) so they can act safer and more proactively. For this option, FAUN received second place in the VAK Innovation Award.

Secure User Display (SUD)

Brand new in 2024 and runner-up in the VAK Innovation Award: the Safe User Display (SUD), which shows loading staff at their workplace additional views via camera (front, back and inside the vehicle) to make them safer and more proactive to be able to Act. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR FAUN VARIOPRESS AND ROTOPRESS IN COMBINATION WITH FAUN SKYLIFT

The system consists of two monitors in the control holder and three cameras. The loader’s front view camera displays an image from the driver’s perspective on the screen. It operates at a speed of 6 km/h or when the operating panel is activated. This means the loader has an overview of the direction of travel and no longer needs to rely on oncoming traffic to determine direction. Rear View Camera: Shows the area behind the car in a kind of rear view mirror function. This means the loader has a complete overview of what’s happening, even if it backs up before the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

FAUN makes IFAT the “home of the originals”. True to its motto this year, the company specializing in waste collection vehicles and vehicles is presenting a lot of the originals – the vehicles and the people behind them – at the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies from May 13 to 17 in Munich. In FAUN’s world of experience spanning more than 1,500 square meters, every producer and every actor has space and can show their strengths. In 2024, the focus will be on the future garbage truck, a garbage truck designed for absolute safety, the Trompia autonomous sweeper and the new generation ENGINIUS BLUEPOWER hydrogen garbage truck.

Trombia-free – definitely sustainable, effective and quiet

The TROMBIA FREE system from Finland is the world’s only powerful, autonomous and electric sweeping system for automatic cleaning of industrial areas or closed urban areas. A fully automated service station is included. The battery lasts nine hours and easily covers an area of ​​24,000 square meters on a single charge at a scanning speed of up to 4 km/h. What’s special: The sweeper is ready for series production and has the world’s only PPLD safety system compliant with ISO 3691-4, with full access to busy industrial areas with automated and manned traffic. The container has a capacity of 1.2 cubic meters and is emptied into a regular industrial waste container at the gas station. The all-electric motor also ensures completely emission-free and low-noise sweeping: noise pollution is more than 20 dB lower than conventional sweepers.

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TROMBIA FREE vacuums use GNSS satellite and telemetry data, and are equipped with independent lidar-based image processing technology. This enables precise navigation and obstacle detection regardless of weather and lighting conditions: indoors or outdoors, in darkness or bright sunlight, in rain or snow – TROMBIA FREE is always safe to use.

Patrick Hermansbahn, CEO of FAUN Group: “Climate change and increasing environmental pollution require a radical rethink in many areas of life. TROMBIA FREE embodies how innovative ideas become reality and paves the way to a cleaner, healthier and quieter future for the sweeping sector.”

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