February 24, 2024

GTA Online: Big update in December with drift races, animals and more

While the entire (video gaming) world waits for the GTA 6 trailer, the long-time favorite GTA Online will also receive a comprehensive update in December. Rockstar Games has now revealed the first information about what you can expect.

As part of the major update, GTA Online will receive new content in December – and Rockstar Games promises there will be something for almost everyone. A new junk trading business is thriving with vehicle theft, new drift races for select vehicles, holiday gifts, limited-time in-game apparel, and more. And: The world of GTA Online is now inhabited by animals, at least on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

The focus is initially on the heart of street crime scenes, as much of it revolves around the theft, exploitation and sale of coveted vehicles in the game world. Therefore, you can carry out tasks on behalf of the brilliant real estate tycoon Yusuf Amir from Liberty City after he moved to the West. With the help of his cousin Jamal, you plan and carry out complex and risky robberies on his behalf. The operation takes place under the guise of Red’s Auto Parts, a new purchasable junk shop where you’re in charge.

The racing fans among you can claim victories in GTA Online thanks to new drift races. There are new drift modifications for various vehicles to choose from, as well as a drift racing series. In LS Car Meet, you’ll be able to put select vehicles through drift tuning.

Rockstar Games describes more features and improvements for the big update as follows:

  • Wildlife Joins Free Mode: Wild animals roam the landscape of southern San Andreas on PS5 and Xbox Series.
  • GTA+ members have access to the Vinewood Club Garage, a new vehicle storage location with capacity for 100 vehicles.
  • Players on PS5 and Xbox Series can now more easily organize and manage their vehicle collection via the Interaction menu, for example, easily moving them back and forth between different garages.

The following game improvements are available on all platforms:

  • Revised interaction menu with easier navigation
  • More LS Car reputation points for participating in pursuit and street races
  • New crafting service in LS Car Meet which now allows players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC to purchase copies of other players’ personal vehicles
  • Individual names for each floor of the garage on Eclipse Blvd
  • Console voice chat is now turned off by default
  • A little birthday gift for all players on their character’s birthday

In addition to the previously confirmed features above, more will be announced soon. There will be other new content over the holidays such as new music, new holiday modes, gameplay improvements, creator tools updates, and more. We’ll keep you updated on that, of course!

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