May 24, 2024

Among Us: The 2024 Roadmap brings new roles and more

Although the hype surrounding Among Us may be over, the multiplayer game about deception and betrayal is still very popular. Development studio Innersloth seems to be well aware of this and has now published its roadmap for 2024. This brings some new content to the title.

Now one might assume that presenting this year’s roadmap in May is a bit late, but Innersloth offers a cynical explanation. Accordingly, redesigning, modernization and comfort operations were due on the agenda.

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But what’s coming to Among Us in 2024? First, the developers promise us some new roles. The studio currently keeps to itself exactly what it is. The roles have already been defined in the 2023 roadmap, but with the caveat that there is still time for them. However, the new classes should make the games more fun and unpredictable.

The lobbies search function will also be improved so you can find games more easily. The settings menus are revised so you get a better overview and can find your favorite filters more easily. In general, the user interface should be constantly updated in order to look more attractive.

It is possible that in the future you will be able to listen to specially composed music in the lobby menu. Additionally, Crewmate conversations are displayed at the top of the screen so you can see them better. Of course, there are also new collaborations, and there’s also a mysterious, unspecified point on the Among Us roadmap for 2024. So we can stay excited to see what Innersloth has planned.

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Among Us – New Map: Fungle Teaser

The long-time favorite game among us is getting a new card called “The Fungle.”