October 3, 2023

Air Canada evacuates passengers – they don’t want to sit in dirty seats

The witness narrated the incident

Air Canada kicks out passengers after vomiting sticks to seats and won’t sit down

Today, September 9, 2023 | 08:38

Air Canada has evacuated two passengers from the flight. They refused to sit in places previously soiled with vomit.

Passenger Susan Benson said: BBC On Facebook, it was also on a flight from Las Vegas (USA) to Montreal (Canada). So this incident took place while climbing. Earlier, a passenger was thrown from his seat on an earlier flight. Crews then went to work cleaning up the affected seats. In addition, flight attendants placed coffee grounds in seat pockets and sprayed perfume to mask a “slightly rotten smell”.

However, the seats and seat belts were wet and there was “visible vomit residue,” Benson said. As a result, the two passengers concerned did not want to sit. But a flight attendant informed that the flight was fully booked and there were no other seats available.

Air Canada passengers escorted by security personnel

After a few minutes of back and forth, the pilot finally emerged from the cockpit. “They can get off the plane and pay for other flights from their own pockets,” he said. Otherwise, security personnel will expel them and place them on a “no-fly list” — a list that prohibits the listed individuals from entering a country and from overflying. Finally, the security personnel disembarked the passengers from the plane.

The airline wants to investigate the incident

The incident shocked Benson. She is “ashamed to be Canadian.” She is embarrassed by Air Canada’s behavior.


The airline said it was investigating “this serious matter”. “In this case, operational procedures were not carried out properly,” the airline said.

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