June 14, 2024

Age of Empires IV: Livestream in April introduces many new ideas

Age of Empires IV: Livestream in April introduces many new ideas

Fans of the Age of Empires strategy series can now pull their calendars: in a few weeks, there will be a lot of new information as part of the livestream.

The well-known and successful strategy series Age of Empires is recently on everyone’s lips again, after all, all the classics have been re-released in a contemporary way and with Age of Empires IV A whole new part in the business. He was relatively calm about the latter, but that will soon change.

In today’s announcement, Microsoft confirmed that under the name “Age of Empires: Fan Preview”, there will be a major live event that will be staged at the appropriate time. Fans can pull up calendars and paint April 10, 2021 in red. The broadcast will then begin at 6:00 pm German time.

What do you expect concretely? Among other things, the developers are promising “brand new information on Age of Empires IV and Final Releases of Age of Empires.” Specifically, this means, among other things, insight into gameplay, civilizations, campaigns, and more.

If you want to be there, you can watch the live show AgeofEmpires.comAnd the TwitchAnd the Facebook Live And the Xbox YouTube Channel Follow.

Age of Empires – fan preview trailer

In April, there will be new Age of Empires IV impressions as part of a fan preview event.