June 24, 2024

The Athena Project is now called Forspoken

The Athena Project is now called Forspoken

The “Athena Project” became “Forspoken”. Luminous Production’s work is being shown in a promising trailer.

Square Enix and Luminous Production have released a new trailer for the role-playing game “Project Athia”, now called “Forspoken”. The title for PC and PlayStation 5 will be released in 2022. Additionally, some new information about “Forspoken” has been mentioned. “The young heroine suddenly finds herself in the dangerous land of Athena, where she must learn to use magical skills in order to survive. On an incomparable journey, she must face frightening opponents and endure treacherous tests,” the statement read.

About forspoken

  • The title is a story-based adventure game developed by Luminous Productions. The studio’s philosophy is to create gaming experiences that combine the latest technology with unbridled creativity – a very convenient way of describing the new game.
  • Forspoken was designed specifically for the PlayStation 5 and harnesses the power and new console features to create a truly next-gen gaming experience.
  • In Forspoken, you play Frey, who comes to Athia for the first time. This new land is amazingly beautiful, but it is also cruel and deadly.
  • Frey was brilliantly resurrected by actress Ella Balinska – and she has something to say about her role: “This is the first video game I’m working on and it’s amazing to see the wonderful world and unify the Forspoken story and blur the lines between reality and fiction.” Frey is a real character, she’s a huge, girl who lost her way – Figuratively and literally – a character with whom I instantly felt connected. And I think that will also apply to many people around the world as they embark on this adventure. “
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