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A cool car instead of a boring Passat: the police stop a US patrol car in Lüdenscheid

Great car instead of the boring Passat

Police stop a US patrol car in Ludenscheid

Monday, October 5, 2015 | 5:57 pm

Police officers from Lüdenscheid station were amazed at the weekend: during their patrol they discovered an original American police patrol car. “No one traveling through Lüdenscheid in such a conspicuous vehicle should be surprised if they are checked by curious-looking police officers,” officials said.

Everything works – just no blue lights

As it turns out, the car was not a replica, but an original American patrol car that had been transported to Germany. This, by the way, is completely permissible: “The only condition for registration on German territory is the professional sealing of all special signs such as blue lights, speed cameras, etc.,” according to the police. Naturally, this also means losing a bit of the magic – and the cinematic chase scene no longer works.

German officials who… Chevrolet A US police whim was photographed next to their Passat, but they were apparently very jealous of the big American sled: “It's a real eye-catcher. So the owner of the US patrol car didn't want to trade in… We can understand that,” a press release said. .

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