December 5, 2023

1:4 In Geneva – Sigua Root is the reason behind Bayern’s bankruptcy – Sports

A week ago, Gabriel Segua was the famous hero when he gave Bayern their first championship win in over 4 months against Yverdon. Now, at the show at the Geneva Stadium, the crow has become unlucky.

A mistake has consequences

In the third minute, he wasted a great opportunity to take the lead, and after a quarter of an hour, he took an early shower. During a duel in midfield, Bradley hit Mazeko above the ankle, risking injury to his opponent. Referee Sandro Shearer showed the red card without hesitation.

New coach Fabio Celestini’s team did not immediately notice the numerical disadvantage, on the contrary: Tolent Xhaka put the visitors ahead after a brilliant solo campaign.

Servet turns the game around with routine

But the longer the first half went on, the more tightly Geneva controlled the puck. Basel, initially playing fresh, creative and hungry for goals, were increasingly preoccupied with defensive work. The in-form Servet approached Bayern’s penalty area with patience and increasing danger.

Before the end of the first half, Jeremy Guilleminot equalized for coach Rene Weiler’s team (45th place), which was the first goal for his local team. In the second half, Servette benefited from strong play:

  • On the hour mark, Enzo Crivelli scored to make it 2-1 for the home team.
  • In the 81st minute, Timothy Cognat made it 3-1 with a long-range shot.
  • Shortly before the final whistle, Guillemno completed his brace with a score of 4:1.

Although “Baby” tried to put in fewer nail pricks with one man, it was no longer really dangerous for Joel Mole in Servite’s box. Servet celebrated its sixth consecutive success in the tournament, while Basel returned to healing its wounds after beating Yverdon.

This is how it goes

After the international break, Servet invites you to the next home match. On November 26, at 4:30 p.m., the Grasshoppers will play at Geneva Stadium. Meanwhile, FC Basel hosts St. Gallen at home.