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▷ Casio launched the first G-SHOCK smartwatch with Google’s Wear OS

01.04.2021 – 06:01

Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Tokyo (OTS / PRNewswire)

G-SQUAD PRO with support for a wide range of sports

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Today announced the launch of the GSW-H1000, a G-SQUAD PRO smartwatch powered by Google’s Wear OS (TM) system and packed with features that help you stay in shape with activity goals and fitness tracking. The GSW-H1000 is the latest member of the G-SQUAD sports line of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches.

The new smartwatch is equipped with all-round G-SHOCK durability, shock resistance and water resistance to 200 meters. It’s also the first G-SHOCK smartwatch to run on Google’s Wear OS. As the flagship of the G-SQUAD line of sports, the GSW-H1000 is suitable for a variety of sports – from activities like running, indoor training, racing cycling and swimming to more challenging activities like surfing and snowboarding.

The new watch contains an optical heart rate sensor, as well as a compass, altitude / barometer sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, GPS function and more. This powerful hardware profile enables the watch to collect data about distance, speed and speed, which is very useful for people who play sports. The two-layer monochrome and color screen has a user interface with a 3-level layout that the user can adapt to his goals so that he has multiple data points on hand in a jiffy.

The design of the GSW-H1000 also provides an uncompromising commitment to portability, with a soft urethane strap that provides flexibility and durability, and special components inserted between the strap and the case to ensure an extremely comfortable fit.

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