April 23, 2024

Here is the Apple TV remote control "B519" developed in cooperation with cable companies [Update]

Here is the Apple TV remote control “B519” developed in cooperation with cable companies [Update]

To update: This appears to be an alternative remote control for Apple TV developed by Apple in partnership with cable companies. As the following report shows, this remote control was designed for cable companies, hence the guide button. It may not be sold directly by Apple but is developed as a collaboration between Apple and the cable companies. It is distributed by Universalelektronik.

Rumors of a new Apple TV remote control circulated a while ago, and more evidence was found today that Apple is actually working on a new remote control for its receiver. 9to5Mac An image has now been received from tvOS 14.5 Beta 6 showing this new remote control, internally named B519.

As you can see in the image shown, the replacement remote control is very different from the Siri remote, which is basically an ultra-thin aluminum and glass remote control with a few buttons and a touch surface. The universal remote has more buttons and a navigation wheel similar to that of the first Apple TV remote.

For example, there are new buttons to skip channel, mute TV, open channel guide, and an on / off button. The new remote looks much larger than the Siri remote that has been included in current generations of Apple TVs.

While this is definitely a new remote control being developed by Apple, it may not replace the Siri remote. As suggested by generationApple will introduce cable company customers with a new remote control for Apple TV. This could mean that Apple TV will still have the Siri remote control included with it. However, Apple does offer an alternative remote control to cable companies that sell Apple TV to customers.

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For this reason, Apple has updated tvOS 14.5 icons by pointing to a new remote control using a central button. This new universal remote control device will be developed by Apple in cooperation with third parties and will be officially launched in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, this also puts the rumors on hold about the next generation Apple TV, as we believe the new remote control will necessarily be connected to the new Apple TV – which does not appear to be the case.

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