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ZSC Black Between the perfect start and the end of an era

ZSC Black Between the perfect start and the end of an era

The ZSC Lions start the playoffs with a loss.Photo: cornerstone

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The ZSC Lions get the highest level ‘ground hockey’ at the start of the play-off against Bill Amazing defeat 4: 5. Now we will soon know if Rijkaard Grunborg is a great coach or just an expensive coach.

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Klaus Zag

Lots of mistakes. Lots of scene (40:30 shots on goal). Such good entertainment. The troubling question for the ZSC Lions: How stable is good weather in Biel? There is an interesting number: Bale conceded two fewer goals than Zurich in the qualifiers. So you can also be defensive.

Also worrying: Mike Konzel scored two goals. Despite the absence of his main partners Damien Brunner and Luca Conte due to injury and illness. Biel’s sight may be shaky. But it will soon become clear whether Zurich’s self-confidence and coaching position is more fragile.

Or is it the perfect start to a playoff match for Black ZSC? We shouldn’t rule that out either. The title fight was never resolved in the first quarter-final match. On the contrary: Davos (2009 1:2 against Lugano), ZSC Lions 2014 (1:4 against Lausanne) and 2018 (1:4 at Zug) as well as SCB 2019 (0:2 Servette) only lost on the way to the title once One in the first match in the quarter-finals. And in the spring of 2015, the ZSC Lions began the quarter-finals with a 0-2 home defeat to the Bale team, and still qualified for the final, which they lost to Davos.

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An old French saying can still apply to Zurich residents: “Reculer pour mieux sauter” (meaning: step back so that you can jump further). The ZSC Lions have won three of their four head-to-head qualifiers against Bale. In fact, anything other than qualifying for the final with this team should be considered a failure. Coach Ricard Grunborg could not have wished for a better lesson for his children than this 4:5 win against Bale. In that sense, it’s the perfect start.

If it’s not the perfect start on the way to the final, then this game is the beginning of the end of an era: coach Ricard Grunborg has entered Zurich Missed all goals thus far: He shamefully lost the Cup Final on Ice in 2021 against SCB and failed miserably in the semi-final against Servette a year earlier. A third failure would shrink him from training giant Grönborg to a launchable dwarf. He will have no more excuses.

Ricard Grunborg is already under pressure.

Ricard Grunborg is already under pressure.Photo: cornerstone

Amazing in this first game: playing without a disc is part of the DNA of the Swedish template. Players without a puck disc know exactly how to act. It is the basis of a stable defense. Nevertheless, Zurich residents celebrated “stop hockey.” Creative, stunning, carefree and sometimes a little scattered.

On the other hand, with so many talented offensive leaders, it’s not surprising. If Dennis Malgin and Sven Andregueto storm together, there should really be two pucks. On the other hand, so much playful indifference with the most famous Swedish coach in contemporary history is a bit surprising. If focus, order and tactical discipline do not return, we need not ask: can a coach reach his players or are they already suffering from Joshuanin-Erolo syndrome? The president’s message goes in one ear and out the other. Like the old railway in Göschenen into the tunnel and out again at Airolo.

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The folks at Bell are hockey enthusiasts. Since their resurgence in 2008, they have experienced a unique family-oriented hockey culture. They tackle the crowded professionalism of Zurich’s hockey millionaire community with passion, courage and creativity. Good evening, they will be able to surprise any opponent with their dynamic, creative rhythm and grow far beyond their playful face value. But so far they have always made their way to the final after the first round at the latest due to the tactical realism of their opponents.

The Realists of Zurich versus the Romantics of Team Bale: This quarter-final match is very likely to be the most exciting and entertaining qualifying series of this spring. If Bell wins, there will be a hockey game at the ZSC Lions office to bid Hallenstadion farewell. It should also serve as a last-ditch farewell to the Hallenstadion entertainment temple. In fact, it is more appropriate than celebrating the championship. Lions ZSC restrain yes the summer To a new hockey palace still lifeless on the outskirts of Zurich.

NLA jersey numbers that are no longer assigned


NLA jersey numbers that are no longer assigned

Source: Keystone / Fabrice Cuffriny

Despacito with hockey players

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